Cisco Threat Analyzer Decommissioned



As of September 1, 2021, Cisco will decommission the Cisco Threat Analyzer tool. The Cisco Email Security Threat Analyzer v3 will still be available in Cisco dCloud until the end-of-life (EoL) is complete on the Cisco dCloud side.

Why is the Threat Analyzer decommissioned?

Cisco Email Security Threat Analyzer v3 is engineered based on AsyncOS v12 for Cisco Secure Email. Cisco will not continue to develop the tool to run on newer versions of AsyncOS. The current General Deployment version of AsyncOS is 14.x.
The v3 and earlier versions of the Threat Analyzer only supported Microsoft 365 environments and limited reporting from API between Microsoft and the tool.

How can a prospective customer see the benefits of Cisco Secure Email for their production email environment?

Starting with AsyncOS 14.0 for Cisco Secure Email, our Cisco Secure Email for Cloud Gateway can provide a journaling set up for a 45-day trial. For more information, please see Configuring Journal/BCC for PoV.

Does a 45-day free trial provide the same options that the Threat Analyzer?

The Cisco Secure Email Cloud Gateway 45-day free trial provides the whole experience of what Cisco Secure Email provides every customer:

  • Scope of POV includes spam detection, virus detection, advanced malware detection, threat detection, phishing, and administration.
  • Journal incoming emails from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (Gmail) to Cisco Secure Email Cloud Gateway to collect statistics. Emails will not deliver from the Cisco Secure Email to end-users during the 45-day trial.
  • Real-time capturing providing real-world reporting and results.

Once the 45-day free trial is complete, the instance is ready to transition to production once you decide to continue with Cisco Secure Email.

How can I find out more information about what Cisco Secure Email delivers for securing email?

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