AMI Image Deployment

AMI Deployment Walk-thru

You have been told that your AMI provisioning is completed. Now what?

  1. From AWS > EC2, click on your Instances

    ❗ Make sure that you are in the AWS Region you requested provisioning.

  2. Upper right (in orange) click Launch Instances

From the Launch an instance screen:

  1. Create a 'Name' for your Cisco Secure Email Gateway Virtual
  2. In the Application and OS Images (Amazon Machine Image) section, click My AMIs
  3. Select the Shared with me option
  4. In the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) area, use the drop-down arrow to expand the listings
  5. At the top of the listings return you will see the search box/option, enter "Email" or "Phoebe"

The provisioned AMI will show in the returned listing, similar to the following:


From there, continue on with the Install Guide: