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Cisco Secure Email is partnering with Red Sift to provide Cisco customers interested in enabling their DMARC journey with Red Sift OnDMARC.

Cisco DevNet: OnDMARC for Domain Protection


Today! This is available to all Cisco customers as of September 2023.

Domain Protection is available as of September 14, 2023 and can be ordered from the standard Cisco Ordering Tools:

For help with ordering, please contact Cisco Customer Service at

Who is Red Sift

Red Sift enables security-first organizations to successfully communicate with and ensure the trust of their employees, vendors and customers. As the only integrated cloud email and brand protection platform, Red Sift automates BIMI and DMARC processes, makes it easy to identify and stop business email compromise, and secures domains from impersonation to prevent attacks.

Founded in 2015, Red Sift is a global organization with international offices in the UK, Spain, Australia, and North America. It boasts a client base of all sizes and across all industries, including Domino’s, Wise, Telefonica, Pipedrive, ITV, and top global law firms. Find out how Red Sift is delivering actionable cybersecurity insights to its global customers at


OnDMARC is the new Domain Protection solution which simplifies the complexities of the email security protocol, DMARC, by automating processes and providing clear instructions on how to block unauthorized use of your domain. This protects both in-and outbound business email communications with customers, suppliers and partners by blocking vendor fraud, account takeovers, and email spoofing.OnDMARC is a cloud-based application that enables organizations to quickly configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC for all their legitimate email sources. Protecting your business email with OnDMARC blocks any email impersonation based phishing attacks and improves email deliverability.


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To request help with ordering, please contact Cisco Customer Service at or Red Sift at [email protected].