DNS Records, Hostnames & IP Addresses

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Gateway

For a customer allocation using Cisco Secure Email Cloud Gateway, we build the DNS records and associated hostnames as follows:


  • “esa” will list all IP Addresses for the allocation


  • “mx1” will list all IP Addresses used in the MX Records


  • “ob1” will list all IP Addresses used by the Hosted Interface, if any


By removing the results provided in “mx1” and “ob1”, you will have the Outgoing (NAT) IP Addresses.


Using the Dig web interface, let's take a look at an example.



What are the regional data centers for Cisco Secure Email Cloud Gateway?

The regions are divided in the following nomenclature:

US: esa.<allocation>.iphmx.com
Europe (UK DC): esa.<allocation>.c3s2.iphmx.com
Europe (Germany DC): esa.<allocation>.eu.iphmx.com
Canada: esa.<allocation>.ca.iphmx.com
Asia/Pacific: esa.<allocation>.ap.iphmx.com

What about load balancing?

Please see: Load Balancer FAQ