Migrating to a new virtual appliance (on-premise)

Migrating from an Older HW Model to a New Virtual Environment


The goal of this document is to provide guidance about the required Cisco UCS M7 hardware that matches the current X9X. email appliances. We will provide a 1:1 comparison as well as some scaling scenarios.

The hardware recommended for the 1:1 replacement is the one available at the time of this writing. New hardware like CPU, Disks, Memories, etc., might become available making the configuration obsolete or not cost-optimized.

This document provides for Email appliance migration to a new virtual environment. The products proposed in this document may change in the future. Customers and partners are responsible for confirming that the hardware configuration has all the required components to meet the solution requirements.

You can find the guide linked here to our Cisco Secure Email GitHub site :Migrating to a new virtual environment guide

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