Cisco Secure Email + Theta Lake



Cisco Secure Email is happy to announce our partnership with Theta Lake! Theta Lake provides email administrators capture, long-term archiving, eDiscovery, and supervision for email using built-in workflows and policies for supervision. Includes SW support, training, and service provisioning.

Cisco DevNet: Theta Lake Compliance and Supervision Suite


Now! Email Archiving from Theta Lake is available to all Cisco customers as of early-February 2022 and can be ordered from the standard Cisco Ordering Tools:

Who is Theta Lake?

Theta Lake provides a purpose-built compliance product suite for automatic policy detection of regulatory risks, compliance workflow, and archiving for video marketing, video conferencing, and audio recordings. The Theta Lake suite detects risks in audio, visual, document, spoken, shown, and shared content in audio and video content.

Please see Theta Lake Email Archiving for more information about compliance for email and email archiving.

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