Gold Config + Best Practices

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Gateway


When a customer is first provided a Cisco Secure Email Cloud Gateway instance, either by Proof-of-Value (PoV) or as a new customer, the Cloud Gateway and Manager are deployed using our "Gold Config", or known best practices. These settings allow the email administrator to have pre-configured mail policies, rules, dictionaries, and more - all provided for ease of use and administration from day one.

Below is the document that the "Gold Config" is based on. You can review to see if there are any tweaks or updates to the configuration you are currently running.

:memo: Is there a feature or configuration that you feel is needed or perhaps incorrect? Feel free to let us know via email at [email protected].


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Please see Configure Cloud Gateway Gold Configuration.


What is a Cisco Secure Email Cloud Gateway Instance?

An "instance" is the cloud infrastructure that a customer is provided from Cisco. This comprises of two (2) Email Security Appliances (ESA) and one (1) Security Management Appliance (SMA) to start with, for the basics. Depending on customer size, mail flow, and other determining factors, the instance may be delivered to the customer with a greater number of ESA in order to meet the customer needs and expected mail environment.

Secure Email in the cloud provides you with a flexible deployment model for email security. It helps you reduce costs with co-management and no onsite email security infrastructure. Dedicated email security deployments in multiple resilient Cisco data centers provide the highest levels of service availability and data protection. Customers retain access to (and visibility of) the cloud infrastructure, and comprehensive reporting and message tracking helps assure administrative flexibility. This service is all inclusive, with software, computing power, and support bundled for simplicity.

For more information regarding Cisco Secure Email, please see our Cisco Secure Email Data Sheet.