Configuring Azure and Microsoft 365 for Mailbox Auto Remediation and Search & Remediate

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Gateway


Mailbox Auto Remediation

Mailbox Auto Remediation expanded from Microsoft 365 only to supporting Exchange on-premise and Hybrid in AsyncOS 13.0.

A file can turn malicious anytime, even after it has reached the user’s mailbox. AMP can identify this as new information emerges and push retrospective alerts to your appliance. You can configure your appliance to perform auto-remedial actions on the messages in the user mailbox when the threat verdict changes.

The appliance can perform auto-remedial actions on the messages in the following mailbox deployments:

  • Microsoft Exchange Online – mailbox hosted on Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange on-premise – a local Microsoft Exchange server
  • Hybrid/Multiple tenant configuration – a combination of mailboxes configured across Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Exchange on-premise deployments

For more information, see the “Automatically Remediating Messages in Mailboxes” chapter in the user guide.

Search and Remediate

This functionality expanded to Search and Remediate in AsyncOS 13.5.1.

You can now configure your appliance to remediate the messages manually using the Search and Remediate feature. This feature provides the capability to search for the messages using the Message Tracking filter and apply remedial action to the messages.

For more information, see the “Remediating Messages in Mailboxes” chapter in the user guide or online help.


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Please see How-to configure ESA for Azure and Office 365 Mailbox Settings/Account Settings.

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