Support Cases

Efficacy Guide using Cisco Secure Email

Support Cases

At this point in our guide, we have provided steps to review your configuration to help detect and improve efficacy. In the Introduction, we mentioned, "No two customer configurations are the same," and we understand there are times when campaigns and targeting will find ways to avoid even the most up-to-date rules and detection.

Cisco customers may open a support request at any time via the following methods:

  • Open a Support Case via Talos Intelligence (*requires CCO ID and log-in)
    • If you have submitted emails to Cisco via the pre-mentioned methods, please have the CID (from Talos Email Status Portal) or the Subject, Time/Date, and further information regarding the submission(s) available for the SR.
  • Open a Support Case online (*requires CCO ID and log-in)
  • Open a Support Case via Phone
  • If you are using Cisco Secure Malware Analytics, you have the option to open a support case directly within your browser. At the top right, click "Feedback":

Support Cases will be handled based on severity and directed to the needed teams to assist. Please see our Cisco Severity and Escalations Guidelines for more information.

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