Notification Types

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Gateway


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What are the notification types?

Infrastructure Maintenance (Low Impact)

  • Datacenter infrastructure related (routers, switches, storage, network gear).
  • Patching, upgrading, adding, and modifying infrastructure equipment.

AsyncOS Upgrades (Medium Impact)

  • Recommended that Customers review Release Notes provided in the initial notification.
  • Upgrade phases typically run over approximately 3-4 weeks timespan.
  • Done in 2 phases (SMA first, ESA second)
  • Patching and Upgrading the Customer’s ESA/SMA Operating System

Informational Maintenance (Zero-Little Impact)

  • Single notification sent. No Start or End notifications sent
  • May not adhere to the maintenance windows listed below
  • Pro-active or prep work (i.e.: running cables, adding non-production devices, etc.) for other planned maintenance windows

Emergency Maintenance (Med-High Impact)

  • Urgent data center maintenance affecting the entire datacenter

When are notifications sent?

Infrastructure Maintenance (Low Impact)

AsyncOS Upgrades (Medium Impact)

  • These are planned weeks in advance.
  • The initial notice is sent 4-6 weeks prior to upgrade phases.
  • A reminder is sent a week prior to the event (5 business days).
  • A reminder is sent at the start of the activities, approximately 30 to 60 minutes prior to the start.
  • A reminder is sent at the conclusion of the activities

Emergency Maintenance (High Impact)

  • These are treated as urgent and customer notifications are sent immediately.
  • Work of this nature can commence as soon as the notification is sent.