Efficacy Guide

Efficacy Guide using Cisco Secure Email


This guide will lead you through administrating your Cisco Secure Email Gateway/Cloud Gateway for overall detection and efficacyefficacy - Power or capacity to produce a desired effect; effectiveness; The quality of being efficacious or effectual; production of, or the capacity of producing, the effect intended or desired; effectiveness. hardening.

When we start talking about efficacy, we need to review configuration and make sure that all services and features are configured properly, and that those services and features are being utilized throughout the email pipeline (or the flow of email as it is processed by the email gateway).

Cisco does not recommend making drastic configuration changes to curb efficacy issues. Rather, validate a holistic configuration approach to finding where the issue may be.


No two customers configurations are the same. Efficacy for each customer is always different depending on message volume and message size, in addition to deployment size and architecture.

Guide Checklist

This document will walk you through the following:

  • Introduction
  • Services Updates
  • Validate Detection Services
  • Review of Bypass, Accept, or Allow Lists
  • Aggressive Profile for Anti-Spam
  • Review and Validate MX Records
  • Submissions to Talos
  • Support Cases
  • Security Review (Optional)


When reviewing and stepping through this guide, please complete the steps in order. Please do not skip a section, as this will decrease any chances of improving efficacy concerns.

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