Password Resets

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Gateway

What happens if I get locked out of my Cloud Admin account?

The recommended course of action would be to speak with someone within your organization that would have the ability to reset your password and/or unlock your account (i.e.: another Cloud Admin user). If no other Cloud Admins are available to assist, please reach out to Cisco TAC via the Cisco Support Case Manager and we will work with you to make sure the issue is resolved promptly and that access is granted.

Cisco Support Case Manager

For creating new Cloud users, click here for more information.

For modifying existing Cloud users and their passwords, click here for more information.



You will have separate local credentials for logging into CES devices, one for the Email Security Appliance (ESA) and one for the Security Management Appliance (SMA). These will need to be reset or unlocked independently.