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June 2023

We often get questions about how DMARC policies apply to subdomains and whether or not you should consider any subdomain-specific strategies. If you are a medium- to large-size sender, at a minimum, you ought to be aware. When considering that subdomains carry a similar abuse potential as parent domains, the authors of the DMARC standard wrote specific conditions for subdomains that allow for advanced control. In this article we talk about different ways to protect your subdomains and best practices for managing them.

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The trends we observed illustrate an optimistic progression of DMARC compliance in the growth of p=quarantine and p=reject policies. Upcoming PCI SSC requirements may increase DMARC adoption and policy enforcement.

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May 2023

At dmarcian, we are mission-driven to improve email by making DMARC accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical prowess or the size and complexity of their organization. With DMARC in place, you protect your organization’s reputation, ensure email deliverability, and enhance email security.

We have created this series of articles to help you understand DMARC and deploy it across your email domain catalog. Whether you’re new to DMARC or dmarcian, or you’ve already brought your domains into compliance, we’ve compiled these resources to help you protect the people who rely on your email.

Moving Through DMARC

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Previous Months

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Check your domain security with Webcheck

The Portuguese National Cybersecurity Center and .PT released this platform to promote the adoption of good practices and standards that most contribute to the security, integrity and confidentiality of communications through the internet.